Introducing our new flash ecosystem for camera trap photography! This now includes solar panels which can be used to keep your flashes running indefinitely.

Our flashes have the convenient form-factor and familiar features of a traditional speedlight but built from the ground up to be ideally suited to camera trap photography.

To achieve this, we focused on four key areas:

Battery life: We included a power input socket so you can use large external batteries to provide as much standby time as you need. We have now added solar panels which can charge up your external batteries or the rechargeable AA batteries housed inside the flash. Given adequate sunlight, this means unlimited standby time for your flashes and wireless receivers!

Compatibility: Our flashes can be triggered by any camera that has a hot shoe or PC-sync flash output. No special “wake” signal is needed before the “shoot” signal. This means the flashes will work with any camera system that you are likely to want to use and they work equally well with our wireless flash triggers or with our new, inexpensive cable system.

Reliability & ease of use: Camtraptions flashes are robust, dependable and as easy to use as a traditional speedlight. They also share the same form factor, making them compatible with a wide range of third-party light modifiers.

Value: We are committed to providing unbeatable value and our flash system is no exception. We want your budget to stretch to more camera traps, and to more flashes per camera trap, so your ambition and creativity aren’t constrained.

We have put together this short video which provides an overview of the flash system:

For more information about the two models of flashes we offer, click here: