Camera Housings

Camtraptions’ range of innovative protective enclosures have been designed to keep your valuable camera equipment as safe as possible from the tough physical demands of camera trapping and remote photography.

Weather-Sealed Camera Housing

Our new weather-sealed camera housing protects your camera in a remote, camera trap or time lapse set-up. The housing has been designed to fit a wide range of camera and lens combinations while providing quick and convenient access to the camera.

The housing fits any size of compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera and the strong moulded plastic enclosure with weather-proof seals completely protects your camera from rain and humidity. Dual tripod sockets on the bottom and side of the housing allow you to mount the camera in landscape or portrait orientation.

Metal Camera Housing

Our strong, metal camera housing provides protection for your camera. It can be collapsed for easy transportation and storage.

Find out more about the Camtraptions Camera Housing in this video: Protecting your Camera Trap