Camera Trap Flashes

Camtraptions offers three speedlight flash units, the Z2 Camera Trap Zoom Flash, the Z1 Camera Trap Zoom Flash and the F1 Camera Trap Flash, all of which are specifically designed and optimised for camera trap photography.

Camtraptions flashes can be used with a wide range of camera brands and are also seamlessly compatible with the Camtraptions PIR Motion Sensor and Wireless Flash Triggers. Now it is easier than ever to create a complete wired or wireless camera trap system to capture high-quality and beautifully-lit images of wildlife, at any time of day or night.

Model Comparison

Z2 Zoom Flash

Z1 Zoom Flash

F1 Fixed Flash

Features common to all models:

  • Always on and always ready to fire for ultimate reliablity.
  • Flashes do not require a separate ‘wake’ signal before the ‘shoot’ signal, resulting in maximum compatibility with all of the main camera systems on the market. They work with any camera that has a standard flash hot shoe mount or PC flash sync output.
  • An external power socket allows the battery life to be easily extended by plugging in a 6V power source through our Flash Power Cable.
  • Our flashes feature a robust construction with a strong metal hot-shoe mount.
  • Flashes recall the last settings when powered on, so you do not have to readjust the settings every time you change the batteries.
  • Noise has been minimised: the flashes will not buzz during operation and the capacitors do not whine while charging.
  • Flashes features the same rotating and tilting flash head as a standard speedlight flash along with a built-in wide diffuser and a reflector panel to create catch lights in eyes.
  • Flashes incorporate a thermal protection function which is activated if too many high-powered flashes are triggered in a short space of time. When thermal protection is active, the rate of fire is reduced.

Connection Options

Camtraptions flashes work just as well when connected to a camera via cables or wireless triggers.

Option 1: Wired

We offer an inexpensive cable system that allows you to connect multiple Camtraptions flashes to your camera using a combination of splitters and extension cables. The cables connect to your camera via a hot shoe adapter which is compatible with all of the most common camera systems you are likely to want to use.

Option 2: Wireless

Camtraptions wireless flash transmitters are compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras. The transmitter can trigger an unlimited number of receivers which makes this method more practical for camera traps incorporating many flashes or where flashes are placed far from the camera. Going wireless also avoids the need to drill and seal cable holes in your enclosures.

Extended Power Options

A power input socket on the side of the flashes allows for the use of large external batteries to provide as much standby time as you need. We also offer solar panels which can charge up your external batteries or the rechargeable AA batteries housed inside the flash.

Option 1: External Batteries

We offer large batteries in a couple of different sizes and cables that can be used to connect them to your flashes and wireless receivers.

Option 2: Solar Panels

Camtraptions Solar Panels unlock the possibility of running your flashes for an extended period of time. Simply plug the panel into the side of the flash via the Solar Adapter Cable or into the Flash Power Cable (if you are using external batteries), and your batteries will be automatically recharged during the day. Given adequate sunlight, this means unlimited standby time for your flashes and wireless receivers.