Nightjar: the ultimate GoPro-carrying quadcopter for professional filmmakers.

The Nightjar is a super-sized quadcopter designed to carry a GoPro camera. This unique design has a number of benefits.


The Nightjar is large but light. This enables it to have big propellers spinning relatively slowly. This makes the Nightjar quieter than competing products. The pitch of the noise is also different – it produces a low whirring noise as opposed to the shrill buzzing of smaller devices.

Optimised for filming

The GoPro camera has been pushed forwards so that the propellers do not appear in the field of view. This allows the camera to be level, or even pointing slightly upwards, without the propellers appearing in the footage. The resulting perspective is more immersive than the typical “looking-down” point of view.

Flight time

Thanks to the oversized motors and propellers, the Nightjar is very efficient and has huge amount of excess carrying capacity. This means you can mount a larger battery for extreme flight times. Flight times in excess of 30 minutes are achievable.

Built for the most challenging environments

The Nightjar is tough, durable and easy to maintain in the field. The frame and propellers are made out of strong carbon fibre. Only the highest-quality and most reliable motors, gimbal and other electronic parts are supplied as standard. All of the parts likely to be damaged in a crash (except for the central frame) are readily available from third-party supplies.

Foldable for transportation

The arms and legs can be folded for transportation. When folded with the propellers removed, the copter is 50cm wide by 70cm long.

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