Remote-control Pan/Tilt Heads

RC Pan Tilt Head

Our wireless remote-control pan/tilt heads allow you to remotely pan and tilt your camera at a range of more than 500m! This head supports cameras weighing up to 2.7kg – that’s the weight of a large DSLR camera plus lens. Optional upgrades include a wireless video feed to a portable monitor to help you compose your shots and roll-axis control.

Features of our Pan/Tilt Heads include:

  • Supports cameras weighing up to 2.7kg.
  • Remote-control range of more than 500m.
  • High capacity rechargeable battery for prolonged operation.
  • Can be mounted on a standard tripod.
  • Remotely toggle the camera’s shutter release using a switch on the main controller.
  • Tough and durable aluminium construction.
  • Long-range wireless live view options available.
  • Optional roll-axis control available.
  • Optional automatic levelling available (useful when mounting on a moving base).

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Note: If you need a mobile platform then you may want to consider the BeetleCam or BeetleCam Hybrid.