Flash Cables

Male to Male PC Sync Flash Cables

This can be used to create a physical, wired connection between a camera and a flash.

Male to Female PC Sync Flash Extension Cables

This can be used to extend the length of a standard Male to Male PC Sync Cable.

Hot Shoe to PC Sync Adapters

The PC Sync Hot Shoe Adapter can be used in two main ways:

  • The adapter can be mounted in the camera’s hot shoe in order to receive the flash signal and pass this through a cable to the flash.
  • If the flash does not have a PC Sync socket, then the¬†flash can be mounted on top of the adapter in order to receive a ‘fire’ signal via the contacts on the top of the adapter.

PC Sync Splitter Cables

PC Sync Splitter Cables can be used to increase the number of off-camera flashes connected to the camera in a wired camera trap setup.

Prefer to go wireless? Check out our wireless flash triggers instead.