New Controllers for DSLR Camera Traps

New Controllers for DSLR Camera Traps

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We’re pleased to introduce the new Camtraptions Camera Controller!

This is a small device that plugs in between the sensor and the DSLR in a camera trap.

The controller can be used to control the firing response of a camera when an animal is detected. For example, it can be used to define the interval between consecutive shots and limit the total number of shots taken if required. It can also be used to turn some DSLRs into video camera traps!

The Camera Controller has four different modes, each with 16 different program settings. The first three modes are for stills photography, and the last mode is for shooting video.

Watch this video to learn more:

To find out how the controller can be used to create a video camera trap, watch this video:
» How to set up a DSLR Video Camera Trap

Camera Controllers are now available in the online store.


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